Supplychain solutions

We build resilient supply chains through intelligent automation. By integrating
disparate data sets, we generate actionable insights, develop smarter workflows, and
implement intelligent automation. Our efficient supply chain management services
result in faster problem resolution and enhanced operations for your business.

Leveraging AI for Smarter Supply Chains

We empower supply chains with next-generation capabilities, which extend beyond visibility.

Core Pillars of Our AI-Powered Supply Chain Management Strategy

End-to-End Visibility

Integrating people, processes, and technologies to give a comprehensive 360-degree view of your supply network.

Digitally Replicated

Optimizing existing processes, inventory positions, and overall network through advanced modeling.

Connected Through Cloud

Enabling integration of data across the supply chain, with AI and the cloud to develop fully collaborative and data-driven processes.

Hyper-personalized Experiences

Identifying trends within vast amounts of variables and information using AI/ML tools to offer key insights to create hyper-personalized experiences.

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Driving Efficiency in Global Supply Chains

For most organizations, top challenges in supply chain management include visibility, multi-party collaboration, and traceability. By leveraging a combination of advanced analytics, AI, and automation, experts at eSoftLabs develop robust contingency plans and build resilient supply chains. Our supply chain management services empower professionals to more effectively plan for and address their most complex challenges.

Streamline Your Supply Chain with Actionable Insights

Demand Forecasting

Inventory Optimization

Supply chain Risk Management

Supply Market Intelligence

Order Fulfilment Optimization

Warehouse Management

Data Management

Supply Chain Diagnostics

Architecting Advanced, Self-Guided Supply Chains

Get a unified view of your supply chain network and comprehend, prioritize, and address critical issues in real time.

Koerber Advantage

Warehouse Management System (WMS) Solutions

Transform your warehouse operations to meet the demands of today’s market-driven landscape with the support of eSoftLabs. Our team of Koerber Advantage consultants and service providers guides you through Greenfield and Brownfield implementations, ensuring your infrastructure is built from scratch or seamlessly upgraded as needed. We specialize in the installation, implementation, and consulting processes for HighJump WMS. With our
assistance, you can efficiently manage complex fulfillment processes, and achieve comprehensive visibility into your inventory.

Optimize End-to-End Supply Chain Performance with Koerber WMS Advantage

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Cloud Dispatch

Order Management

Labor Management

Inventory Management

Cycle Counting

Logistic & Freight management

Koerber’s TMS supports complex, multi-stage transport networks, enabling seamless management of single-stage operations and large-scale logistics operations. Through cross-docking and reverse logistics supply chain management, we streamline the flow of goods and ensure timely deliveries and efficient returns management. Our solutions facilitate efficient fleet management systems and optimize routing and consolidation. By enhancing the visibility across the supply chain, our solutions enable you to elevate your logistics supply chain management while delivering exceptional customer service.

Freight Management

Our Koerber freight management solutions orchestrate the seamless flow of goods across supply chains, from procurement to distribution. Through intelligent routing algorithms and dynamic load optimization, our freight management solutions optimize transportation routes and maximize cargo capacity utilization. Real-time tracking and

Last-Mile Delivery

Our last-mile delivery solutions ensure efficient route optimization, real-time tracking, and seamless coordination with local carriers. Through advanced algorithms and dynamic scheduling, we minimize delivery times. The HighJump platform supports automated dispatching, electronic proof of delivery, and precise time-window management, providing

3PL (Third party Logistics)

HighJump’s highly configurable solutions streamline client onboarding and adapt to diverse supply chain processes. Customizable key performance indicators offer insights into process efficiency. By integrating automation systems, such as robotic applications, you enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge. Enjoy precise inventory control and full

Inventory Management

Experience an intuitive, precise, and efficient approach to inventory optimization with our customized HighJump solutions. We take HighJump’s base product suite and customize it as per your requirement. With technical expertise in replenishment, cycle counting, quality control and audit, we ensure accurate inventory records and verify compliance with standards and regulations. Our solutions deliver in-depth analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions on items, categories, and vendors.


Advanced replenishment solutions leverage predictive analytics and demand forecasting to optimize stock levels across your network. By accurately anticipating demand patterns and supply constraints, this prevents stock outs, and dramatically increases the efficiency of your warehouse operation.

Cycle Counting  

Accurate inventory records are essential for efficient operations and informed decision-making. Implementing cycle counting into regular tasks can help minimize interruptions in the warehouse, reduce required safety stock, lower overhead cost, and make physical count complete. 

Quality Control Audit  

Ensure flawless operations and customer satisfaction with our comprehensive Quality Control Audit. Meticulously monitor warehouse processes, identify defects early, and maintain impeccable brand reputation through stringent quality checks. 

Custom Supply Chain Solutions to Fulfil Your Business Demands

Enhance inventory control and optimize your warehouse operations with customized HighJump services.

Managed Services

ESoftLabs helps you with everything from improved logistics supply chain management to more effective operations. A customer-centric model serves as the foundation for our unified and integrated supply chain management services.  

Customized Solutions  

We leverage the expertise of HighJump warehouse management system product suites, to perfectly fit your unique business processes, that reduce effort and cost, and increase productivity.  

Security Solutions 

Through comprehensive risk management, we assist organizations in identifying and mitigating security and regulatory risks. Our solutions- defined, adapted, and optimized using data and artificial intelligence- empower organizations to embrace technologies confidently.  

Support & Maintenance Services

Safeguard your supply chain with our round-the-clock customized maintenance services, ensuring seamless system performance and mitigating risks of unplanned disruptions. 

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